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The Offer

PRICE ISN'T EVERYTHING!   Price is not always the deciding factor and the first offer is rarely the final offer. Our role is to help you sift through the terms and conditions of the offer(s) you receive. When needed, we will draft a counter offer in response to an offer that comes up short of your needs. Contrary to popular belief, when presented with multiple offers, the highest price may not be the best offer to accept.

DEALING OBJECTIVELY and FAIRLY : Selling your home requires remaining objective and always negotiating in good faith. We will help you negotiate contractual terms that are beneficial to you and fair to the other party. Our experienced agents know how to handle situations including multiple offers and multiple counter offers.

THE DEPOSIT: Once there is a ratified offer, the Buyer will deposit an agreed upon good faith deposit into a 'trust account', reflecting their earnest intention to purchase the property.

KEEP it in WRITING (all terms): All terms of the sale have to be in writing to be valid. Should terms of the sale need to be modified ( change closing date ) we will draft the necessary amendments. All terms and conditions must be in writing to avoid misunderstanding or disappointment as the transaction moves toward the closing.

STAYING on TRACK:  Real estate contracts provide for a series of deadlines for both the Buyer and Seller.  Keeping this series of events on schedule ensures a timely and successful sale. We will coordinate and monitor the progress of the transaction and assist in anyway we can to insure a successful sale.