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Pricing and Timing


Accurate pricing is the most important factor in selling your property. Priced too low and you lose the opportunity of getting top dollar. Priced to high and you discourage Buyers from viewing your property. No two properties are exactly the same nor are two Buyers. This makes pricing more of an art than science.  Green Lake Real Estate can provide you with past sales info and current pricing for properties similar to yours. Without this information it would be very difficult to value your property accurately.    

The six major factors affecting value are:

  • Location - Location - Location
  • Supply and Demand
  • Interest Rates
  • Seasonal Markets
  • Changing Demands
  • Consumer Confidence 

Everyone prefers to sell in a "Seller's Market" where there are more Buyers than available property. This is not the real world most of the time. Whatever the market is at the time you sell, the primary factor on how quickly your property sells is the price.

"First Impressions"

Your get one chance to make a good "first impression". Active Buyers scan print advertising and the Internet looking for "new listings". If a "new listing" is poorly marketed or over priced Buyers will not schedule a showing. Once a Buyer has determined a property is NOT a good value it's very hard to get them to reconsider - even with a price reduction.  With Green Lake Real Estate's "Superior Marketing Program" exposure to a wide range of Buyers is assured.

You can price your property to own it or sell it!!

Green Lake Real Estate can provide you with the expertise and resources to SELL your property. Serious Sellers don't put their property up for sale to own it.

Contact us for assistant in getting your property SOLD!