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Preparing to Sell


CREATING CURB APPEAL :  First impressions are important! So to entice drive-by Buyers to want to look inside your home the yard should be, at least, comparable to others in the neighborhood. Adding color with annual flowers near the entryways helps.

CLEAN & DECLUTTER  :  Keep your property tidy, clean and smelling good. Have the carpets cleaned, wash and clean windows, blinds, drapes and light fixtures. To allow Buyers to visualize their belongings in the home and to make it feel larger you may want to remove some of your belongings that others may consider clutter. Rooms and closets that are not full tend to look larger. Items stored on kitchen and bath counters should be kept to a minimum. The time to discard items is prior to showing the home. 

REPAIRS  :  Minor repairs that you've been putting off should be done. Things like dripping faucets, sticking doors, paint touch-up are good examples. A coat of light neutral paint will brighten rooms and make them appear larger. Bigger projects may not generate the best return. We can help you with that decision. 

STAGING  :  This is a fairly new concept. If your home is empty we can help 'dress it up'. We have an extensive collection of accessories and furniture that will make your home appear more inviting.

DISCLOSURES & INSPECTIONS  :  In most cases, Sellers are required provide Buyers with a "Seller's Condition Report". It is important that Buyers know the of the property they are purchasing.  As a condition of sale, Buyers or Buyer's lender may require additional inspections or test. Water, well and septic inspections and test are a common examples.

SHOWING YOUR HOME  :  It's important to leave while the agent shows your home.  We recommend you leave the showing to the professionals for several reasons. Buyers are more comfortable discussing the home's merits and drawbacks with their agent if you are not there; they might even feel like they are intruding if you are home. Your agent is experienced in dealing with others on your behalf and has a fiduciary duty to represent your best interests in the best possible way; let them do the talking.