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Ellen Koeppen
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Inspections and Appraisals

INSPECTIONS : As a Buyer you may have negotiated, as part of the offer, the right to certain inspections or tests to determine the property's condition. These inspections can include, but are not limited to: roof, pest, mechanical systems, boundary lines, water, well and septic.  The Buyer usually pays for the cost of the inspections except for water, well and septic. The Seller may have negotiated the right to remedy any problems identified by the inspections. In some cases, due to the results of the tests and/or inspections, we assist the Seller and Buyer renegotiate the terms of the sale. It is very important that these are inspections are done in a timely manner.

APPRAISALS:  Your mortgage lender will want the property appraised to verify the property's value. It is in your best interest to have your new home appraised as soon as possible. The faster the appraiser sends the appraisal to the lender the sooner the lender can make his/her final decision on the Buyer's (your) loan. Most offers include a financing contingency. When the lender makes a loan commitment this contingency is satisfied. 

HOME BUYER PROTECTION WARRANTIES: There are a number companies that offer home warranties to homeowners. These warranties can cover almost any mechanical device in a home including the garage door opener. If the Seller has warranty coverage prior to the sale coverage typically extends to the Buyer. As a Buyer, you may want to purchase a warranty prior to closing on your new property.