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Prior to Closing

FINAL WALK-THROUGH INSPECTION:  A few days before the Buyer purchases your property, they will visit it one last time. This final inspection is to ensure that the property's condition meets the Buyer's expectations compared to when they made their offer to purchase. It is important to have the majority, if not most, of your possessions removed from the property at this time. It is also important that any items negotiated as part of the sale remain on the property. Common items included in the sale are window treatments, blinds, appliances and possibly furniture. Typically, after this inspection the Buyer would 'sign-off' accepting the condition of the property.

CANCELING HOME SERVICES and UTILITIES : A few days prior to the sale call all of your utility companies and tell them you're moving. It's polite to notify them that new Buyers are moving in and will be calling to establish service. This will keep the utility companies from turning service  off completely.

KEYS : Don't forget the keys and garage door openers.

THE CLOSING : This is the last step in the selling process. The title company will prepare a "closing statement" - summary of all the financial details (loan pay offs, pro-rated property taxes and all transaction-related cost.)  When the final documents are signed the title company will record all of the necessary documents and make any needed payments. You will receive your proceeds from the sale at this time.