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Ellen Koeppen
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Closing Your Purchase

FINAL WALK-THROUGH INSPECTION:  A few days before you purchase your new property, you should visit one last time. This final inspection is to ensure that the property's condition is similar to when you made your offer to purchase. It is also important check and make sure any items negotiated as part of the sale remain on the property.

HOME SERVICES and UTILITIES : A few days prior to the sale you should call all of the utility companies and tell them you're moving in.

HOW TO HOLD TITLE- How will you own the property? By yourself or with someone else? There are several ways to hold (own) title to your new property. Each has its own legal, estate, and tax implications, particularly with respect to selling or transferring, or disposition upon death. It is advisable to consult with an attorney or tax adviser to be sure you select the best way to hold title.

CONGRATULATIONS !!!  From your friends at Green Lake Real Estate.